High Plains Environmental Center

Wetland Ecology Demonstration Garden

The Wetland Ecology Demonstration Garden at Old Canal Park is a one-acre garden (located behind 2725 Rocky Mountain Ave STE 200, Loveland, CO 80538) that demonstrates the relationship between available soil moisture, native plant communities and wildlife in Wetland Habitats.

The document that drove this design of the garden (Centerra Natural Area Guidelines) won a Land Stewardship Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2009.

The Wetland Ecology Garden at Old Canal Park consists of a wetland channel with an adjacent trail where visitors are able to learn about different types of plant zone communities and their corresponding relationship to wildlife.

Jim Tolstrup, Executive Director of the High Plains Environmental Center states, “We hope that this garden will help those who live and work in Centerra to understand and appreciate the innovative approach to storm water management that is being implemented in their own community. Beyond that, we hope to inspire other communities and developers to view storm water ponds as a potential benefit, to conserve and even create wildlife habitat in the midst of development”.

Watch It Here

Wetland Ecology

Jim Tolstrup, Executive Director of HPEC, presents a video explaining the different zones (vegetation/habitat) within a stormwater pond that has been restored into a functional Wetland.

He uses the Wetland Ecology Exhibit in Centerra as a demonstration of how communities can help preserve natural ecology in their areas.


Reporter Herald News Story

“Wetlands Return to their Native State in Rapidly Developing Area.”