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Students from Front Range Community College conducted a fish sampling lab at Houts Reservoir in April 2017. This is just a snapshot as the sample was by no means representative of the lake since they used only two types of sampling gear, with only one sample each, both near the same location.


Trap Type

Length (in)

Weight (lbs)

Walleye Gill Net 20.4 3
Walleye Gill Net 24 5
Walleye Gill Net 20.5 2
Walleye Gill Net 20.2 3
Walleye Gill Net 19.8 3
Large Mouth Bass Gill Net 12.5 1
Walleye Gill Net 19.5 2.5
Gizarde Shad Gill Net 12.5 0.5
Walleye Gill Net 21.2 3.5
White Sucker Gill Net 16.5 1.5
Gizarde Shad Gill Net 12.1 0.5
Yellow Pirch Gill Net 10.5 0.25
White Sucker Gill Net 17.1 1.75
Yellow Pirch Gill Net 12.2 0.5
Cat fish Trap Net 2 -
Yellow Pirch Gill Net 6 -
Green Sunfish Trap Net 3.4 -

Fish Species

The following species have been identified in Houts Reservoir and Equalizer Lake by the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife:
Black Bullhead • Black Crappie • Bluegill • Channel Catfish • Common Carp • Gizzard Shad • Largemouth Bass Walleye • White Bass • Yellow Perch

Fishing Rules and Regulations

Houts Reservoir

  • From the shoreline along the southwestern edge, from the pump houses to where the land bridge begins

Equalizer Lake

  • From the fishing pier located west of Old Canal Park
  • From the rip-rap/shoreline stabilization along the southeastern edge
  • From the dam rip-rap along the southern edge

Rules and Regulations

  • All Colorado State Fishing Regulations Apply
  • No Ice Fishing
  • No Boats or Flotation Devices
  • No Bow Fishing
  • No Swimming
  • Dogs on leash at all times and pick up after your dog
  • Fish only in designated areas
  • No Alcohol
  • Pack your trash