High Plains Environmental Center

Open Space Management Services

Our natural areas program helps to further our goal of “restoring nature where we live, work, and play.” We partner with land owners around the state to turn weed-riddled, ravaged, disturbed landscapes into pristine natural habitat. The revenue derived from these services helps to fund our environmental education programs and community outreach.

Land Management Partners:

The High Plains Environmental Center manages Open Space for the Centerra Metro District, Residential Developers, HOAs, and other private landowners.

Our ecology and restoration focused management has helped Centerra become Colorado’s first Certified Community Wildlife Habitat Community. HPEC’s land management services promote a diverse native plant community suitable for iconic pollinators, birds, mammals, and other wildlife.

HPEC’s land management program utilizes best management practices for a variety of natural area types. Our services include invasive species management and revegetation programs to turn weedy fields into high value wildlife habitat.

Our native grassland open spaces require less water, less herbicide, and less overall maintenance than traditional turf grass or monoculture green belts and are more aesthetically pleasing.

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