High Plains Environmental Center


Community Garden


 HPEC’s Community Garden provides an opportunity for Centerra Residents & Friends of HPEC to practice horticultural or small-scale agricultural skills. This can be a great way to start a small satellite garden if you are interested in experimenting with new skills or crops, or if your home does not allow you to alter the landscape.

Garden boxes are free. Sign ups happen annually in March.

The Community Garden Program includes:

– 1 Garden Box per household

–Boxes are 2ft. x 3ft. x 2ft. (tall), and come with soil already in the box

Free workshops on pest management, crop production, and sustainable garden practices (See: Events)

– Access to water tank, watering cans, organics/food waste disposal, and vermicomposting

– Community Garden Produce Swap 1x per month to share our skills, experiences, and harvest!

How to Join the Community Garden:

1. Attend a Community Garden Orientation in February, add your email to our email list at that meeting.

2. Wait for the Community Garden Launch Day (typically the first Saturday in March). On that day, we will email everyone on our sign up list.

3. Fill out the Community Garden Agreement and Sign Up for your box using the links emailed to you. 

Gardening with us in the past does not guarantee a box in the coming year. Every year we have more interested parties, so sign ups will happen on a first-come-first-served basis. 


– Attend Community Garden Orientation Meeting

– Volunteer at least 1 day per season for weeding between boxes

– Adhere to all rules as provided in Community Garden Agreement


Happy Gardening! 🌱


Questions:   communitygarden@suburbitat.org