High Plains Environmental Center

Native Plant Sale

The Native Plant Sale is our answer to the question: 

“So you’ve decided to plant native plants, now what?”

If you’ve decided to read up on all the many benefits of native plant use (such as lower water consumption and supporting pollinators) then your journey to sustainable landscaping is off to a great start!

You’re feeling excited to plant your garden, you’re reading landscaping books, drawing up plans for beautiful wildlife-friendly gardens… and then it hits you: Where am I supposed to get these plants?

Our Native Plant Nursery is the #1 producer of natives in the Northern Colorado Area. Each year we ethically source and produce more species than the last.

In 2024 we will have ~180 species available,

some of which have never been grown commercially before! 

Profits support our Restoration Ecology mission. Many of our plants go back into local natural areas and are used in our Land Management services.

How to Order:

1. Order online via our website (April – September)

2. Wait for an email that your order is ready (within 3 days of ordering)

Optional: Place your order for a later pickup date. This helps with traffic in the nursery!

3. Come pickup!

No sales will take place in person, you must order online.

Sales do not begin until April 1.

New inventory will be posted regularly until September.

The PDF below will give you a glimpse into some of the plants we are growing this year. It is not an order form.

To see what we're growing in 2024, click below.

Each species has an approximate release timeframe listed.

Click here to download PDF