High Plains Environmental Center

Native Plants Demonstration Garden

Walk through our Native Plants Demonstration Garden and learn how HPEC supports Pollinator, Wildlife, & Wetland habitats by Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants!

Containing over 80 native plant species, this demonstration garden celebrates the natural beauty and biodiversity of Colorado state, while helping to conserve water & support native pollinators.

The High Plains Environmental Center’s Native Plants Demonstration Garden showcases a broad variety of Colorado’s native flora, and emphasizes a regionally appropriate style of horticulture that supports biodiversity and water efficiency. Our Native Plants Demonstration Garden also serves as an educational resource for community members who are interested in landscaping with native plants.

Because native plants have adapted to soil microbes, minerals, porosity, and pH levels specific to Colorado, using them in your landscape can also positively impact soil health & promote water conservation.

These native flowers and shrubs have evolved to survive, and even thrive in Colorado’s extreme climate. Gardening with native plants promotes water conservation, reduces reliance on pesticides & fertilizers, and provides habitat for birds, butterflies, bees, and other native wildlife. Habitats provide sources of food, water, shelter, and places to raise young.

Using native plants in your landscape will help to create or rebuild wildlife habitat in urban & suburban areas. Restoring habitat connectivity is extremely important for migratory and native species who may be impacted by human activity & development.


Visit Our Gardens

Gardens & Trails are open from Dawn to Dusk.

We also host Tours, Presentations, and Workshops around native plants landscaping & wildlife habitat restoration, and support Volunteer groups and individuals looking for stewardship opportunities.

For more information, email us at info@suburbitat.org