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The High Plains Environmental Center is home to Gardens that use native plants & landscaping to support native Wildlife, especially insect Pollinators & Birds. Click on the sections below to explore our gardens and learn how we combine ecological restoration & landscaping principles to promote the “Suburbitat” Model.

Wetland Demo Garden

The Wetland Ecology Demonstration Garden at Old Canal Park demonstrates the relationship between soil moisture, native plant communities, and wildlife in Wetland Habitats.

Native Plant Demo Garden

Containing over 80 native plant species, this demonstration garden celebrates the natural beauty and biodiversity of Colorado, while helping to conserve water & support native pollinators.

The Wild Zone

The Wild Zone will serve as an experiential, outdoor classroom where children can partake in self-directed learning and foster a love of nature. HPEC’s Wildzone is constantly evolving with the help of volunteers.

Heirloom Fruit Orchard

Heirloom species of Apples, Plums, Cherries, Peaches, and Blackberries have been planted in HPEC’s Heirloom Fruit Orchard. These varieties celebrate and preserve a piece of Colorado’s agricultural heritage.

Medicine Wheel Garden

The Medicine Wheel Garden is an ethnobotanical garden that showcases native plants utilized by Plains Indian tribes for food, medicine, and ceremony that will be used for education & public events.