Native Plant of the Month

Native Plant of the Month
This year we are starting a Native Plant of the Month section for our e-newsletters. Every month we will feature a different native plant based on what’s in bloom and what’s valuable for wildlife – and we’ll let you know if we sell it at our native plant nursery!



This month we are featuring Schizachyrium scoparium, which is a warm season, drought-tolerant grass and otherwise known as Little Bluestem.

Blue blades of grass turn deep mahogany-red after the first frost and stand out in the snow nearly all winter long.

Little Bluestem’s dense mounds growing up to a foot in diameter provide shelter for small mammals and songbirds and is of high forage value.

You can find this plant all around HPEC’s demonstration gardens and open space. We also have Little Bluestem available at our native plant nursery.