Native Plant of the Month

Native Plant of the Month

This year we are starting a Native Plant of the Month section for our e-newsletters. Every month we will feature a different native plant based on what’s in bloom and what’s valuable for wildlife – and we’ll let you know if we sell it at our native plant nursery!

January: Cornus sericea/ Red Twig Dogwood

Family: Cornaceae (dogwood)

Characteristics: Also known as Red Osier Dogwood; upwards spreading shrub that is Native to much of North America’s swampy, riparian, or wetland habitat; create beautiful contrast with snow- great addition for those who want colors in their garden during the winter months.

Height: 6-9 ft.

Season of Bloom: May-July

Bloom Color: White, dense blossoms (drupes) followed by white berries.

Light Requirements: Full Sun – Partial Sun

Water Requirement: Medium – Wet

Eco-Relationships: Deer resistant, attracts pollinators, grows well in wet and clay soils

Life zone/ Habitat: Zones 3-8



February: Clematis lingusticifolia/ Western Virgin’s Bower

Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup)

Characteristics: A woody perennial vine with small white flowers that bloom in clusters.Traditionally called Pepper Vine, and rumored to have been used by Native Americans to treat colds and sore throats.

Height: 12-36 feet

Season of bloom: Spring – Summer (April–August)

Bloom color: White/Cream

Light requirement: Full sun to shade

Water requirement: Medium to Less water

Soil requirement: Well-Draining soil

Eco-relationships: Flower heads attract a wide range of pollinators, especially birds; sub species can be poisonous; not deer resistant

Habitat: Zones 5-7; Riparian Habitats; near running water and lake edges