Community Garden


HPEC’s Community Garden provides an opportunity for Centerra Residents & Friends of HPEC to practice horticultural or small-scale agricultural skills. This can be a great way to start a small satellite garden if you are interested in experimenting with new skills or crops, or if your home does not allow you to alter the landscape.


The 2019 Community Garden Program begins on May 1st and will include:

– Workshops on pest management, crop propagation, and sustainable garden practices (composting, for example) 1x per month
– Community Garden Potlucks 1x per month to share our skills, experiences, and harvest!
– Free access to HPEC’s organics/food waste disposal, worm castings/compost give-away program, & free Red Wiggler Worms to start your own worm compost!


Garden Boxes are 2ft. x 3ft. x 2ft. (tall), and come with soil already in the box.

Soil amendments are the responsibility of the plot holder.

One plot per household.
After 4/15/2019 unclaimed plots will be offered to participating community gardeners.

Plots are free and available only to members of High Plains Environmental Center and Centerra Residents. Please contact on February 5th, 2019 after 9am to sign up for a community garden plot.