Online Class Series: Conserving Water with Native Landscapes

Instructor: Jim Tolstrup, HPEC Executive Director

As the population of Colorado continues to grow, demands on municipal water supplies are being stretched beyond their limits. Climate change with rising temperatures and prolonged drought is accelerating plant transpiration, drying out soil, and increasing the need for irrigation, adding to the demands on our dwindling water supplies.

The use of native plants which are adapted to our climate conditions helps to preserve native biodiversity within our landscapes and is a logical response to the rising costs and the potential of restricted use of water.

How much water do native plants require, how much moisture is too much, and how low can you go?

This talk will explore these topics based on the trial gardens at the High Plains Environmental Center, and elsewhere, as well as exploring how plants can be arranged in hydrological zones, even within the tiniest landscapes.

This lecture will take place on Zoom. The meeting details will be emailed to attendees 2-3 days prior to the event.