Workshop Series, Pt. 1: Restoring Native Open Spaces

Date: February 22nd, 2020
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: HPEC Visitor Center, 2698 Bluestem Willow Drive in Loveland, CO 80538
Instructor: Jim Tolstrup, HPEC’s Executive Director
Required Materials: Notebook, Pen, Layers & Appropriate Footwear for Field Work


HPEC Director, Jim Tolstrup, will guide participants through a step by step process for restoring natural areas including:

  • Inventory – assessing the ecological and cultural site conditions of the proposed natural area

  • Identification – determining the primary landscape functions (aesthetics, water, wildlife and plant conservation) that are important to the project area

  • Zoning – delineating the project area into functional groups – those that have similar aesthetic needs and desires

  • Design – developing a plan that mimics the specific ecological attributes and conditions found in high quality natural areas

  • Implementation – executing the design in the project area making appropriate on-site adjustments to fit the specific site conditions.

  • After Care – managing the project area making mid-course corrections to achieve the landscape function and conservation goals.


Other topics that will be explored include specific plant materials, weed management issues, habitat requirements for various types of wildlife, and human impacts on natural areas, as well as turning existing common areas and lawns into native grass.


Weather permitting we will spend time outside nearby the environmental center to look at restoration and management issues in the field.