Spring Community Lecture Series at HPEC


The High Plains Environmental Center Staff will be hosting a community lecture series  this Spring, starting in April, 2019! Topics include landscaping with native plants, ecological restoration, and organic gardening. The Community Lecture Series is free, but is limited to 35 people.




4/30/19: Landscaping with CO Native Plants by Jim Tolstrup

Develop your garden plan using traditional landscape design practices, but focusing on native plants.  Explore site design and identify zones in your landscape based on hydrology, soil type and existing plants.  Learn about natives’ soil and water requirements, size and seasonal interest in order to pair plants effectively.  Jim will also cover care during the plants’ establishment period, long-term garden maintenance and the environmental benefits derived from using native plants.

5/14/19: Plant-Pollinator Relationships by Jim Tolstrup

Pollinators; birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife benefit greatly from gardeners utilizing Colorado native plants. Jim Tolstrup the Director of the High Plains Environmental Center, in Loveland, will provide specific information about growing native plants, as well as practices that will help gardeners create “living landscapes” that are not only beautiful but also habitats thronging with life.

5/28/19: Restoring Native Vegetation (1)- For Small Lots, Farms and Ranches by Kristin Oles

This class will cover the specific challenges and strategies for restoring native vegetation on small acreage properties. We will cover topics like invasive species management, seed mix selection, management strategies, and how creating even small areas of native plant communities can benefit you and the environment.

6/11/19: Worm Composting by Lauren Sadowsky

This event will be an introduction into the world of liquid gold (worm castings): which worms are best for compost, what kinds of organic waste can go into a worm compost, how worms turn rotting organics into nutrient rich soil, what soil types worms prefer, why worm compost over regular compost, and those looking for tips on how to start their own worm bin at home. Worms will also be provided to those who would like to take some home!

6/18/19: Restoring Native Vegetation (2)- For Urban and Suburban Developments by Jim Tolstrup

This class is a detailed “how to” presentation for HOAs, companies, or individuals interested in creating natural areas with restored native vegetation. Topics covered will include environmental and economic benefits, plant selections, specific management strategies, and wildlife/plant inter-relationships.