Relaxation & Stress Reduction Class

Join community member Mark Rush for a Relaxation and Stress Reduction Class on Saturday, November 17th, from 10am – 11am at the High Plains Environmental Center.

The class will be approximately 45 minutes, with an introduction, and questions before and after.

You will be led through a number of relaxation techniques without stopping, so that you can choose what seems to work best for you. We will also discuss the importance of continuing to practice what you like best before you start to forget it.

Will include “stress management” techniques, assuming that we all stress sooner or later about something. The purpose of this is to learn how to work though that so that you can then apply relaxation techniques and they will actually be doable rather than frustrating. Stress management can also be used in live situations, as can relaxation techniques if you practice them enough. I will be asking you to think about something you stress about (doesn’t have to be something big) to practice with.
I’ll be providing a list of key words that will hopefully remind you of each technique.

The list would probably look something like this:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
“Space” meditation
Heaviness and heat
Color breathing
Breath work (diaphragmic), pulses and pacing
Stress management work using bilateral stimulation with
Calm Place
Concluding with more breath work and with “surrender”

This class is FREE to the community, and space is LIMITED to 10 PEOPLE.

Registration is required.

Please email Mark Rush at to Register, for more Information, or for any Questions you may have.