Nature Journaling Walks

Nature Journaling Walk With Nancy Aley


We are gathering to simply have fun and support each other in beginning or adding to our nature journals and record how good we feel when we have special places like HPEC to enjoy. Everyone is welcome, beginners, children with their parents, wanna-be’s who always wished they could draw, and experienced artists as well. Now’s your chance to find your inner child who was delighted to draw easily and naturally, because there was no inner critique. So we’ll be playful and look for simple little things, an interesting leaf, an insect, a tree, a duck on the water, or even the mountains beyond HPEC’s Visitors Center. You get to choose.

Bring your own sketchbook and drawing or painting materials (pencils, pens, colored pencils, watercolors, etc.) in your day pack, as well as water, hat, a snack if you choose, and perhaps something small to sit on (I usually bring a plastic grocery bag in case it is damp or dusty). We’ll gather on 3rd Saturdays at 10am, right after the morning bird walk (if you want to do both) at HPEC’s Visitors Center.