Native Plant Nursery


humingbird cropNative plants (wildflowers), birds, butterflies and other pollinators are intrinsically connected; one cannot survive and form a whole ecosystem without the others. For this reason HPEC is committed to native plant conservation. With over 20 million acres of suburban lawns in the U.S. we have greatly diminished the community of native plants and subsequently the birds and butterflies that depend on them.The good news is that many Colorado native plants are beautiful, easy to grow, and can help reverse the loss of wildlife.



HPEC Native Plant Nursery


At HPEC we grow native plants from seed at our own nursery, many of which are locally collected ecotypes that are particularly valuable for restoration projects. We are proud to be members of the Colorado Native Plant Society, as well as an affiliate organization of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, with a shared mission to support native plant preservation, conservation and use.







“The first HPEC and Colorado Native Plant Society (CoNPS) plant sale in spring 2016 was a tremendous success. Our CoNPS members were overjoyed to be able to buy some of these impossible-to-find Colorado native species that support the pollinators and wildlife they want to enjoy in their own yards. On distribution day the most common thing we heard was along the lines of ‘wow, these plants are so big and healthy!’ All of the 135 gardeners were thrilled with their plants (zero complaints) and many of those customers have returned to purchase more plants from the sale this fall.” -Jen Bousselot, CoNPS Membership and Marketing Coordinator

“I absolutely recommend ordering native plants from the Colorado Native Plant Society. It’s hard to overstate the importance of planting natives for wildlife and my house looks great! The plants were of an excellent quality, the prices were fair (and for a good cause), and the customer service I experienced (whether it was asking for planting advice or ensuring order accuracy) was top notch!” -Matt E., CoNPS member and plant sale customer




Plant Sale 2019

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Call 970.622.9676 or email HPEC’s Native Plant Nursery Manager, Sara Harris, at with any questions.