LakotaRide Wicoti

Join us at the High Plains Environmental Center on July 19th, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm to welcome The Tipi Raisers from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation! The Lakota Riders will be sharing cultural offerings with our community during their
Ride of Reconciliation!

“Opening Ceremony for the LakotaRide will be in Sedalia, CO on July 13th. From there the horses and riders move north through the Front Range with Lakota cultural events planned in multiple communities (HPEC on July 19th, 7:30pm-9:30pm). The 400-mile ride ends on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on August 3rd.

As the Ride moves through the Front Range, neighboring communities are invited to free evening gatherings called “wicotis” (wee-cho-tee), to welcome the riders, listen to the sacred drum, hear from Lakota elders, and see traditional dancing.”

Wicoti begins at 7:30pm.


This event is free and open to the community. All ages are welcome!

Layers, Chairs, & Blankets to sit on are suggested!


About the LakotaRide:

The purpose of the Ride, which is at the core of the Tipi Raisers’ mission, is to bring Lakota and non-Lakota People together; to work, play, struggle, talk and of course, Ride! It is through experiences like this, and through the other activities that the Tipi Raisers facilitates, that we can begin to understand, heal and ultimately reconcile the trauma of America’s complicated history with the Lakota people. The LakotaRide also serves as an important fundraiser to support our year-round, humanitarian projects on the reservation, the Gen7 Youth Leadership program as well as Native culture presentations- sharing indigenous wisdom- off the reservation. Riders and Supporters are asked to launch their own Peer to Peer Fundraiser but anyone interested can do so as well at