Barn Owl Banding

The Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute (CARRI), in partnership with the High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC), Rise Broadband, and the City of Loveland, have developed a nesting site at HPEC with two live cameras, one inside the nesting box and one outside. Prior to this project the owls were using a very small nesting box that had never been cleaned. It was in rough shape and the owls needed something larger. Employees of the HPEC built and placed the nest box that you see in the live feed.

This year, a pair of Barn Owls have been inside the box since the morning of March 30th. The female laid her first egg on the 8th or 9th of April. We weren’t sure because the cameras were down due to cloudy weather. They are powered by solar panels. The female chose to lay her eggs under the camera, making it difficult to see the number of eggs laid and the dates they hatch. Three owlets hatched by May 19th. Seven owlets have hatched by June 13th and there are two unhatched eggs still in the box.

CARRI staff band the owls every year to aid in research and habitat improvement for these amazing raptors. The banding of the hatched owlets will take place Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. It will take at least an hour for the entire process.

We ask that attendees be respectful of the birds, keeping their voices down and given the staff the room needed to band the birds safely and successfully. This is a fantastic opportunity to see these birds.

Directions to HPEC’s Visitor Center can be found HERE.