2018 Annual Waterway Clean-Up


Each year HPEC partners with the City of Loveland’s Stormwater department to coordinate the city-wide Annual Waterway Clean-Up. During this event volunteers come together to help remove flood debris, trash, and litter from Loveland’s waterways. This Saturday, April 28th from 9am-12pm HPEC will serve as a check-in station for the 2018 Annual Waterway Clean-Up Event!

From the City of Loveland’s Website:

The annual waterway clean-up includes waterways that have been traditionally addressed along with new locations added to our open spaces.

There will be four stationary and one mobile check-in locations.

The Stationary locations are located at:

The Mobile Check-in location is located at:

Interested in volunteering?

Volunteers are encouraged to wear old worn out clothes and appropriate foot wear, i.e., work boots, that they don’t mind getting wet, soiled or torn. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring their own hand tools, i.e., hand rakes and garden shovels. Much of the material that needs to be removed is entwined with tree branches and limbs covered by sand and dirt. As a result there is a good chance there are boards with nails and other sharp objects hidden from view.

The City will make sure the following materials are available for the volunteers at each check-in location:

• Water
• Hand sanitizer
• Handy wipes
• Dust Masks
• Mosquito Repellent
• Gloves

Note: Although gloves and water will be made available for the volunteers the City strongly encourages each volunteer to bring their own set of gloves and a container of some sort for water.

All volunteers are encouraged to sign up for the clean-up event on the City’s CERVIS website beforehand, but there will be forms made available for volunteers to fill out who have not. Also, each volunteer will be required to sign the check-in sheet and familiarize themselves with the safety sheet, the Meth sheet, the waste disposal sheet, and the Standard Operations for clean-up guidance document before going to work.

How to Register for City of Loveland Events

  1. Find the event that you want to sign up for (they are designated by cleanup location. For example; Spring Waterway Cleanup Centennial Park) and click on the link.
  2. Click the “Click here to register” button.
  3. It will ask for your email in order to see if you have an account already. If you do, it will sign you in. If you do not, you will then create your account for CERVIS. Follow the steps to do either of these that are needed.

The City of Loveland’s Stormwater Division offers several opportunities for the community to become involved in maintaining clean waterways.  Waterway clean-up events take place annually.  For additional information, email us at Stormwater@cityofloveland.org.

The Department of Public Works holds several annual events, and we are always looking for volunteers to help us. If you are interested in helping at one of our events, please contact us today!